ZED camera output

Hi! My team and I were wanting to continue working with the bell drone even a bit after the competition, and we were wondering if there was any easy way to output the ZED camera’s data to an external device, ideally to the laptop running AVRGUI.

I know that the ZED is meant to measure depth and not light, but getting metrics from it in a useable form would be amazing.

I assume you mean getting RGB images from the ZED camera?

Short answer: No, not currently.

Long answer: This is something I’ve kept in the back of my mind that would be cool to have, even if just to capture a video of a flight. We could potentially capture 1 frame every second, and send it over MQTT. The ZED SDK also has built-in support for video streaming as well, (Local Video Streaming | Stereolabs) and there exists Python examples of how to decode RTP video (GitHub - gabrieljablonski/rtsp-rtp-stream: RTSP and RTP streaming. Programming assignment from the book "Computer Networking: A Top-Down Approach" by Jim Kurose), so this is something I want to explore. I don’t work for Bell however, so my time and energy available to work on the software outside of work is often limited.

The new location for the software module that talks to the ZED camera is here if your team figures out something and wants to merge it in.

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