Where'd the docs go :(

I know this is probably just a side effect of the competition changing hands, but the drone documentation has mysteriously vanishedd.

If, hypothetically, I accidentally wiped my VMC and needed to redownload the firmware from the AVR docs, is there a backup site where I can access it?

@Jonah sorry for the hassle. I’m talking with the team to see if we can get this brought back up asap.

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To be clear I’m not involved in AVR anymore, but was curious when I got an email notification for this thread. As part of spinning off from Bell, it looks like the new location will be Bell AVR Documentation

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@Jonah You are right, we’re in the middle of a content swap to a new Github organization! As things get moved to their new home, some repositories might still be available on the old bellflight Github until they are fully transferred to here: Repositories · GitHub

We are working to get it done quickly & smoothly, but we apologize for any trouble!

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Thank you again!

You’ve solved so many issues for me and my team and we wouldn’t have been able to make it to competition without you!

Best of luck with whatever comes next, whoever they are they’re lucky to have you.

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