Team Update - 9/1/2022

Team Update - 9/1/2022

Hey all, thanks to those who tuned in for the season kickoff webinar this past weekend! I hope you’re as excited about this season as we are. As mentioned in my previous post, we will be releasing periodic updates throughout the season as support resources are updated based on YOUR feedback.

IMPORTANT: Don’t mount that ESC just yet - we want it back!

Shortly after launch, we added the following note to the build documentation, but wanted to give you an additional heads up in case you missed it:

The Bell AVR team has become aware of a firmware issue with the ESC’s that were shipped in the initial kits. A new ESC with the correct firmware will be included in your Wave 2 Kit, along with a prepaid shipping label to return the original one. Please be aware that if you mount your ESC now, there will be additional rework to replace your ESC prior to flight testing.

Build Documentation Updates - Drone CAD, anyone?

Today also marked the first set of updates to the assembly guide documentation!

  • New rollouts of the Software & VMC sections
  • New Troubleshooting section, especially for any issues with the Jetson SD card
  • Miscellaneous tweaks and fixes based on early feedback

Once you receive your Wave 2 kit, you should have everything needed to get to “first flight” and even start prepping your VMC for its next steps, if interested.

As noted in the documentation, this is going to be a bit of a “living document” as we make our way through the season. Stay tuned next week for further advanced flight modes, to be followed by more information about this year’s new peripherals.

Oh, and of course, the fully-built AVR Drone is now available in OnShape to help with your mechanical design work!

Wave 1 Team Kits, Away!

All teams should have received their Wave 1 kits at this stage - if you have not, please email with your team number.

Thanks to those who have already filled out the Kit Inventory form - your quick responses have already helped us to identify some key supply chain quirks and execute fixes.

if you haven’t filled this out yet, stop reading this post and go do so right now! It’s the only way to receive your FREE access to the DroneBlocks curriculum, which should prove especially useful as you begin working with the Tello drones.

We have seen several reports of the following hurdles:

  • The part labeled “Female Male JST” on the inventory form is actually supposed to be a pair of cables, one male and one female. It sounds like many teams only received one of the two cables, so to minimize confusion, we are adding a complete replacement pair to all teams’ Wave 2 shipments. (you can return the extras with the ESC if you want, but don’t need to)

  • The VMC Wifi Kit contained an incorrect variation of the U.FL to SMA cable. We will be sending a replacement pair of these to all teams as well. (you can return the extras with the ESC if you want, but don’t need to)

  • Some teams have reported missing sets of screws. There are actually a few separate places where assembly hardware may be found in your kit, so make sure that you check ALL of these bags thoroughly!

Game Updates - are you feeling the heat?

No major changes to the Game Manual this week other than some minor typo and image / formatting fixes. The latest version can always be found on the REC Foundation website.

The OnShape playing field CAD has been updated with a number of minor details to better represent how the “real” field looks and behaves, especially pertaining to the “Open-Roof Building” geometries.

Coming in the next few weeks will be the launch of the game Q&A system, Championship advancement criteria, more playing field resources, and answers to some of your questions regarding this frenzy of a game.

Event registration - now live!

Now that the season is under way, it’s time to start choosing which events you’re planning to attend! Check out this post for more information on the process for registering through the RobotEvents website.

New this year is the opportunity to register for a SECOND event and get 4 additional matches - definitely recommended if you’re looking for more opportunities to fly!

Thanks for the update!

We were wondering if some additional information could be provided to help our team with planning and testing:

  • The updated OnShape Link is broken, we think the file does not have sharing enabled.
  • Are there any pictures of the real field? Specifically, we’re interested in the locations/orientations of the AprilTags and Mission Pads on the buildings.
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Oops - should be fixed now!

The updated CAD includes further details about how the Open-Roof Building funnels work, including placeholders for the AprilTags / Mission Pad locations. The tags will be in the same location on each building relative to the center point of that building’s roof. Upcoming updates to Appendix A will include more of these details and dimensions, but in general, we hope that this will be able to get you started.