2022 Kickoff Season Information!

Tomorrow’s the big day - many teams should be receiving their kits as I type this, and tomorrow we officially launch the 2022 Bell Advanced Vertical Robotics Competition season!

We have a TON of resources being released tomorrow, and even more will be coming in the following weeks. This post will serve as a first repository of helpful links that you’ll want to have at the ready in order to hit the ground running!

Registration Kits

Please note that all teams will be receiving TWO shipments.

Shipment 1:

ALL teams must fill out the verification form above - this will be the best route to report any missing or damaged items, and is the only way to receive your FREE access to the DroneBlocks curriculum.

Shipment 2:

  • Medium box (12" x 9" x 4")
  • Should be received no more than 7 days after you receive the first shipment
  • Contains the transmitter, prop guards, brushless motors, additional Jetson Nano fan, and (for some teams) vibration dampeners

Kickoff Day

  • When: Tomorrow, 8/27, at 10am CT
  • Where: The REC Foundation YouTube channel
  • How long: Roughly 25-30 minutes
  • What: Learn about the drones & vehicles in your kit, and be among the first to see the new game unveiled LIVE!

Documentation & Resources

Immediately following the kickoff broadcast, the following pages will all go live:

All documentation will be considered “living documents” throughout the build season, with updates being posted as-needed on Thursday of each week. We will work to include notes in the documentation regarding what items are still “coming soon” so you know what to expect next! Some of the first updates to expect for week 1 will be additional CAD files for the AVR Drone, further details on VMC programming, and additional playing field resources.


Great information! Thank you for making it simple and easy to understand.

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Thanks for the information. We are excited here at 2468.


Looking forward to an awesome season!

Can’t wait to be doing this for the first year ever of Arlington High participating! :cowboy_hat_face: