Team Update - 9/29/2022

Well, I asked, you answered - Major shout-out to @ThomasJ and team 2020A for being the first to post a position-hold flight video! I truly cannot wait to see how this drone performs on the playing field.

Event Registration

In college, I had a professor who would say things like “if you think you nailed it on the first try, then you’re not an engineer, you’re a wizard, and since we are an engineering school and not Hogwarts, you should stick to the iterative design process instead”.

We have heard you loud and clear that for many teams, especially those outside of Texas, the event registration process is not working as intended. Thank you for your clear feedback, and for your patience while we worked through our first time using this system for the Bell AVR competition.

Wizards, we are not. Willing to iterate, we are. Any teams who have not yet registered for an event should be on the lookout soon for an email from an REC Foundation representative asking for your event registration preference. If you already know what event(s) you plan to attend, you can also email proactively, and we will get you added accordingly.

Space is limited at these events due to this competition’s complex logistics, so please get your preferences in ASAP - if not, there is a risk that your desired event / date may fill up.

Game Manual Update

Thank you for the detailed Q&A posts, keep 'em coming! I wish I could be a fly on the wall for the strategy sessions that lead to these questions. This week’s updates include the following:

  • Tweaks to the definition of Blocked and 5.5.4 to better explain that both criteria must be met in order to be considered Blocked (relevant Q&A)
  • An addition to 5.3.6 and a new Figure 28 to explain how Fire Spreads from the Forest work (relevant Q&A)
  • An addition to 5.5.3 and a new Figure 30 to explain which Trenches may become illuminated and “Blockable” (relevant Q&A)
  • An addition to 7.3 to add a rankings tiebreaker
  • Important! A new rule 8.2.5 which states that the LWC’s laser pulse timing MUST be kept at its default values
  • Updates to several Figures to include Auton Checkpoint Lines

Documentation Update

I’m just going to summarize the latest assembly guide updates as follows - it’s time to start firin’ your lasers!

The last few remaining sections (most notably, the CSI camera for detecting AprilTags) should be live tomorrow as well! No more excuses for procrastinating your builds now…