Next Year's Challenge

I remember at our team’s second competition at UTA, the gentleman from Bell told us that next year’s competition challenge would be announced at the championships. I was unfortunately out of town when my team went to the championships, but I haven’t heard anything about next year’s challenge.

Am I missing something or was the challenge just not announced?

I was not at the championship, but to my knowledge, nothing was announced. We’re currently targeting registrations opening up within 2 months.

When the challenge is announced is still undecided. There’s still a lot of planning going on.

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It’s going to be logistics themed, and I think something like “planes, trains, and trucks” was mentioned. But outside of that no additional details were provided.

The 2023 Bell AVR Competition season was officially opened this week. Since none of the 2022 teams were able to fully extinguish the fires – Bell County is still burning! Our Bell County Fire Department is ready to send our fearless AVR teams back into the fray to compete in the 2023 Bell AVR Firefighting & Rescue Challenge! The game field will include some firefighting similarities to last season, but also some new and exciting rescue challenges that are sure to test even the most seasoned drone and ground-based robotics pilots. We are thrilled to offer an enhanced version of this game, and can’t wait for the full competition reveal on August 22, 2023. More information about the 2023 season can be found on the RECF website: Bell Advanced Vertical Robotics - REC Foundation