Late Content in Bell AVR Documentation

We are working through the documentation and we noticed that some of the content is still not available, do you have any idea on when it will be updated?

Pages not updated:
Advanced Drone Assembly
Stabilized Flight Test
Position Flight Test

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We will be doing major documentation releases once a week for the first few weeks of the season, usually on Thursdays, as well as continuously updating minor things throughout the season as team feedback comes in during your builds.

This week’s release should contain everything currently listed as “Coming Next Week”, i.e. the items in your post.

Also - it’s worth noting that most of the “Software” section is already live as of last week’s release. You should be able to complete the initial Jetson updates, FC params, and initial PCC / GUI setup today! Even if you have not received the Wave 2 kit yet, the Wifi antenna cables are not actually needed for the basic Jetson setup, which can be done via serial over USB or via Monitor/Keyboard.

Hi Avery - just wanted to chime in on this post again and let you now that these sections are all now live! You should now be able to make it all the way to (what I think is) the most exciting part of the AVR build - the Position Hold Flight Test.

Stay tuned next week for the peripheral assembly, when it’ll be time to add your lasers, LEDs, and more cameras!

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