AVR Drone GUI - Missing Data (Telemetry+Thermal)

We had been using the AVR GUI without this particular issue for months, from the time of the 2022 Championship up to 3-4 weeks ago.
Recently, we’ve noticed that I can connect to the drone through the GUI without a connection issue, but when I navigate to the telemetry tab, I cannot see the battery’s voltage. I can see a disarmed status, but that doesn’t change nor does the battery’s lack of status.
In addition to this more recently, under the Thermal View/ Control tab, I can control the gimbals movement to move the camera, but cannot see the thermal image anymore.
Our team had toyed around with different ways of connecting to the drone over wifi (in compliance with the rules), and this issue seemed to start around a couple weeks of this.

Any help would be much appreciated and thanks again.
Best Regards,
Luke J | 27A

Hi @lukeaj may I ask if you are using your software from last season or have you recently updated with a newer image per the instructions here:

Flashing the SD Card | Bell AVR Documentation (bellflight.github.io)

Also, is your GUI one of the releases from this page or did you build it yourself?

Just trying to gain some more context so we can help troubleshoot.

I am using the software from last season I believe, I have not updated with a newer image if that’s you suggested next step.

The GUI we’re running is from the standard page, we haven’t altered anything from it.

Can you let me know what GUI version you’re using? You will see it in the filename as shown here:


This sounds like more of a Jetson and flight code issue than a GUI issue to me. In the MQTT debugger, do you see any data on the avr/thermal/reading topic or anything from the battery?

My current hypothesis is that mavsdk/mavp2p is not properly connecting to the PX4 flight controller

Sorry for the delayed response, we haven’t met recently. I will check the GUI number sometime tomorrow-thursday as I’m not sure when I’ll have access to the flight laptop next.

We are meeting Thursday next to work on the drone, I’ll relay this response to my pilot and we’ll take a look at the debugger then.

If your hypothesis is true, any suggestions how to repair/fix it?

Um, unfortunately not really. Usually the thermal camera stuff is a bad connection. Not sure on the mavlink connection.