Can We use PiCameraV2 Instead of CSI Camera because CSI Doesn't work

Unfortunately, we’ve had some recent issues reading any data on our CSI camera. We tested multiple replacements and ran into the same issues on the Jetson. We are unsure whether it is a software or hardware issue (and we cannot buy a replacement in time), but we found a workaround.

Would it be okay to use a PicameraV2 connected to the jetson to detect April tags instead? We have tested the functionality and it is completely the same as the previous CSI Camera, just without the connection errors. To stress, we would only be changing the camera module and connecting to the Jetson, no Raspberry Pi (the image sensor is actually the same on both modules).

76122A Daedalus


We’re having this exact same issue, those ribbon cables are really finicky and we’ve gone through 7-10 of them within the last 2 months. It’s gotten to the point where it crashes our jetson and kicks user(s) off the hotspot. We were hoping to diagnose/replace it at the national championship event as we can’t receive any order prior to then and don’t have any alternatives.

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We have had similar issues. We have tried replacing the camera and multiple cables.

Adding to djbradstre (my teammate), we have had the issue of the inability to detect a CSI camera since August 2023. We recently bought a new carrier board to replace our old board (as our old/2022 board had the ribbon cable clips broken off), but this didn’t fix our CSI camera issue.

We additionally tried various ribbon cables and a new CSI camera altogether, but alas nothing still. Would love any support or ideas to fix the issue in the next two days before we fly out. Looking forward to meeting teams at Champs in a few days!

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