Tree Fire Spread

Hi, I was a bit confused on how the forest fire exactly spreads to nearby buildings, or if it does at all. I couldn’t find anything about it in the game manual but I’m assuming that similarly to a building, the fire will spread to the nearby tall buildings while it’s fire score is maxed out. In this case:

  1. Will the forest fire add to the fire score of both buildings at once?

  2. Can it add to the fire score of one of the tall buildings that starts as active, meaning that the fire score becomes 6 after 15 seconds (1 from the building spreading itself and 1 from the forest fire)? If not, that means that the fire can ONLY spread to the non-active building.

This assumption is correct.

Sort of. The Forest is separated into two Burn Site “zones”, of three Trees each, which represent not just its two Fire Score points but also its two possible Fire Spread paths to their adjacent Tall Buildings. Good question - this is not explained clearly in the Game Manual, and will be added / clarified in the next update.

The latter is correct, not just for Forests / Tall Buildings, but for all Fire Spread events. A Fire Spread event only occurs if a Burn Site reaches its maximum Fire Score and the “next” Burn Site is Clear (i.e. non-Active). They do not “stack”. So, in your example, the FS for the Tall Building that starts as Active will become 5 after 15 seconds - it only increases 1 from the Building’s own Burn Rate.

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