Building Fire Spread Timing

Does the fire spread timer for a building reset once a fire score is cleared, or is the spread timer a constant value?

For example, if you clear 2 FS off a building that has 4 FS at 33 seconds, will the FS of the building become 3 at 45 seconds or 48 seconds?

Assuming that the spread timer resets once a FS is cleared, is that also true for clearing a partial FS, such as -.25 or -.5 FS?

Good questions.

The Burn Rate / Fire Spread timer is a “global” event. To use your specific example, the FS of this hypothetical Building would increase to 3 at 45 seconds, not 48 seconds.

No. To use a specific hypothetical example, if 3 Water Drops are delivered into an Active Building, then the next Water Drop that is delivered will reduce its FS by 1 Window, regardless of if it is dropped 2 seconds or 2 minutes later.