Phase 2 burn sites

We would like some clarification on section 5.2.3.b:

The Burn Sites chosen by the FMS for Re-Ignition will be based upon the actions
taken by the Support Crew during Phase 1.

How many burn sites will this be, and how are they chosen?

The only indication we could find is that there will be one building heating up at the start of each phase, so that is one guaranteed site. (Does this heating up rule also apply to the start of phase 3?)

The Buildings which are Activated for Phase 2 will follow the same criteria as Phase 1, as listed in 5.2.2.b.

The main intent of the phrase “based on actions taken by the Support Crew during Phase 1” is to refer to the Forest. If the Dormant City’s Forest is Cleared by Sphero Minis during Phase 1, then it will begin Phase 2 without any Fire Score.

No. No Buildings will become Heating Up during Phase 3.

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