General Fire Spread Questions

Just wanted some clarification,

  1. If the game reaches 1:00 minute and the hotspot is not cleared, then will the building with the hotspot that erupts immediately spread to a nearby building?

  2. Will a building spread at the time of reaching it’s maximum fire score of 8? or 15 seconds after it reaches the maximum FS? Assuming that the former is true, do trees also follow this rule, meaning that the trees will immediately spread to a non-active building in the Initial Burn community because the trees start with a maximum FS?

  3. Say that one of the Short Closed-Roof buildings were to reach a maximum FS. If both buildings adjacent to the Short Closed-Roof building were empty, does that mean that it will spread to both buildings or only one? Assuming it spreads to only one building adjacent, is which building that’s chosen random?

No. It will spread 15 seconds later, assuming that none of its Windows have been Cleared in that time.

15 seconds after the Building reaches its maximum Fire Score.

See the above answer for one practical example. The Trees are another good practical example - they do not spread immediately, but they do begin spreading at 0:15 if they have not been Cleared.

The Fire Spread only moves in one direction - inwards towards the Fire Station from the Forest. This is depicted in Figure 16 and Figure 28.