Fire Spread Paths Specifics

  1. As previously mentioned in the post “Fire Spread Paths and Tello Drone Recon Paths,” the order of which illumination of the trenches happens and blocking said fire spread paths are non-sequential actions. Say that you block the fire spread paths and then illuminate the trenches. Do you gain the points for completing a trench after the trench illumination happens or right when blocking the fire spread path? Assuming that you only gain points for the action after the trenches are illuminated, do you gain autonomous bonus points you racked up by the time you filled that trench or the amount of current autonomous point bonus you have when the trench becomes illuminated?

  2. Do you incur any penalties for blocking all the fire spread paths or is it okay to do that?

  3. Is it possible for the RVR to gain points by emptying the second water tower in the Initial Burn Community once phase 2 starts?

  4. Also, how many fire spread paths are illuminated once the tello’s recon mission is completed or 2:00 minutes is over? I couldn’t find this number anywhere in the game manual.

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The points are awarded once both criteria stated in 5.5.4 are met, i.e. the Trench is illuminated and when it is filled with Fiery Debris.

Per 5.1.6, the Autonomous Bonus is awarded when a scoring action is completed Autonomously. If the Trench is filled while it is not illuminated, then a scoring action has not been performed, and no Autonomous Bonus points are awarded.

(if/when it later becomes illuminated and points are awarded for being Blocked, the RVR was not the Vehicle that caused this scoring action to happen, so its Autonomous operation was irrelevant)

No penalties, this is okay.

Yes. The Phase is irrelevant for emptying the Water Tower.

One. This is noted in rule 5.5.2:

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Hi, thank you for your detailed response, but I believe there was one part I wasn’t clear in asking and I didn’t find the response I was looking for. Either that or I’ve misunderstood. For my last question, I meant to ask how many of the trenches illuminate after the tello’s recon path is completed, but I think that due to my incorrect wording, you responded with the fact that only one recon path lights up.

Sorry for the miscommunication.

Ah - my apologies. You are totally correct, your question was not asking about Recon Paths at all, complete misunderstanding on my part.

5.5.3 states that “a set of Trenches” will become illuminated. A “set” is two Trenches. This explanation was overlooked in the Game Manual, and will be included in the next update along with an image to better explain the possible scenarios.