Excel score calculating sheet


Please see below for an Excel score sheet. I worked on it with Shelby Vanover. It’s helpful for scoring mock games, and also shows what each robot should be doing in each phase.

The second tab called “Perfect 1-2” is filled in with a perfect score in the first two phases. Phase 3 isn’t populated, since the max score of that phase depends on how quickly you finish phase 1+2.

Please let me know if you have any questions or corrections.


Thank you very much for this, Michael!

I know there is some discussion around this in other threads, but it seems to me that 4 fire spread paths can be blocked for 5 points each according to 5.1.5. Would this increase the perfect score total? If so, for the RVR scoring section ‘Fire Spread paths blocked’ would seem better than ‘Debris Bags put in hole’

There is also a 5 point Support Action for parking the AVR.

Hi David,

  1. It was our understanding that only blocking the active fire spread path counted towards your score (the active fire spread path is either revealed by the Tello completing the recon path or by the field management system (fms) at the 2 minute mark). The manual wasn’t clear on how many trenches become active. We assumed it was 1.
  2. We will change the language to reflect the trench being filled, as opposed to # of holes.