Questions About the Rules

After reading through the rule book we still had some questions about the game:

Can you preemptively stop a fire using the water balls?
How can we get one of the laser detectors?
What and where are the auton checkpoints for each robot?
Can the actions of the support crew in the 1st phase cause us to skip phase 2?
What vehicles can we park for autonomous points?
Will the autonomous checkpoint streak reset between phases?
Will the tello drone paths correspond to the trenches that light up?

We’re all super excited for the season!

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Hi Avery, good questions! As a note, in the future, it may be helpful to post separate game questions as separate threads, to help people search and find them later on in the season.

Yes and no.

If a Building is Heating Up (i.e. its Hotspot is on), it can be Cleared using Water Drops or LWC Shots to prevent a fire. See 5.3.7 in the Game Manual.

However, if a Building is not Heating Up and has a Fire Score of zero, Water Drops and LWC shots will be ignored by the FMS.

We will not be selling the official LWC Targets, but they can be essentially replicated using commercially-available photoresistors and an Arduino or similar board. We hope to have additional information or a “DIY version” for teams to use in the coming weeks.

Currently, the best place to see them is in Figure 1 of the Game Manual. The Auton Checkpoint lines for the Sphero RVR are the purple dotted lines located around the various roadway paths.

The two Checkpoints for a Tello’s Recon Path are the Fire Station and the
top of Building 5, where it completes the Recon Path per rule 5.5.5. Additional images and details will be included in the next Game Manual update.


There may be two questions combining into one, here. All Vehicles can receive points for being Parked - see the definition of “Parked”.

The only Vehicles that can receive Autonomous Bonus points are the Sphero RVR and the Tello.


No, they are independent of each other. The Recon Path must be completed in order to reveal which Fire Spread Paths can be Blocked.