Tello Phase 1 Actions

If we send out the Tello on its recon path, and it doesn’t finish the path in the 30 seconds but it DOES drop the smokejumper, would we get the smokejumper auton points and just no recon path points, or would we not receive points for ANY of the actions, even though our pilot never swapped to manual mode, and we were just limited by time.

Unless you can complete the entire path [takoff - recon flight - landing] autonomously you will not receive Auton Points for the mission. Although, you can still receive points for smokejumper deployment, parachute deployment, smokejumper landing in/on schoolhouse. Let me know if this makes sense. thank you

Thank you for the clarification, it very much does help! Last thing is would the points we get for smokejumper, parachute, and landing be counted for Auton points or manual?