Fire Spread Paths and Tello Drone Recon Paths

After reading through the sections about the Tello drone’s reconnaissance and the corresponding fire spread paths that will light up, I had some questions about gameplay:

Will the fire spread paths be randomized every match, or will it be corresponding to which Tello Recon Path is active for a match?

On page 25, section 5.1.5 of the official documentation, the table dictates that the “Fire Spread Path Blocked” is worthy of 5 points, while in the example scoring sheet of page 26, section 5.1.7 of the documentation, the scoring for completing fire spread path activities is listed as “Fire Spread Paths Blocked,” so I’m a bit confused on whether 5 points is given for each spread point trench blocked or for completing the entire action.

Pertaining to this discrepancy, does the +2 autonomous bonus for the Sphero RVR completing these objectives stack up and cash out when the entire fire spread path gets blocked or does the autonomous point bonus cash out at each individual instance of a fire spread trench being blocked?

Lastly, for the autonomous checkpoints that are at the fire spread
path points, do you gain points after passing through and then more
after exiting through the same entrance?

Another question about fire spread paths:

The game manual states that the trenches must be (1) illuminated and (2) have debris in them to be considered blocked. Do those two actions have to be completed in that order?

No, they are independent of each other. The Tello’s Recon Path must be completed in order to reveal which Fire Spread Paths can be Blocked.

The points for these two actions are separate. It is possible to complete the Recon Path, without Blocking any Fire Spread Paths - this would result in 5 points. It is also possible to Block a Fire Spread Path without having completed the Recon Path (see 5.5.3.a). Each Fire Spread Path that is Blocked is worth 5 points.

The Autonomous Bonus only resets once a non-Autonomous action is performed (i.e. a Drive Team Member touches the controls). Until this point, the Autonomous Bonus keeps increasing for each Autonomous Checkpoint that is crossed.

Sequential scoring actions that are completed during Autonomous operation receive the number of Autonomous Bonus points that have accumulated at the time of the action.

It may be more clear with a real-world explanation. During Autonomous operation, an Auton Referee will be counting each Autonomous Checkpoint that is crossed by the RVR. When a scoring action is completed by the RVR (either Blocking a Fire Spread Path, emptying a Water Tower, or Parking), the referee will note what the Auton Bonus was at the time of completing the action.

No - they may only count for points once. This will be clarified in an upcoming Game Manual update.