Drone not taking off, Going sideways

Whenever we try to lift off the ground the drone goes towards motor number 3 every single time, and does not take off vertically and goes horizontal could this be a problem with the ESC like other teams?

If you are able to get airborne then your ESC is fine. I’m assuming it may be due to a bad calibration. This could lead to the behavior you describe. Are you able to say in the air but have to counter with your remote controller to keep it in position?

No, we can’t get it off the ground. It will only go like an inch off the ground then it starts going sideways.

I would recommend going through the sensor calibration and ESC calibration carefully:

Let us know how it goes. Also, what is your competition date?

We have calibrated it multiple times but we will try again later today. We are competing next Friday November 18th and would like to get practice flying.

The next time you try to do a flight will you please take a video and share it with us? It can be uploaded to YouTube, Dropbox, Google Drive or any service where you can share a link. Thanks.