Drone still won't even fly

I been on this forum looking for answers to our problem and we have tried everything that has been suggested here for even similar problems posted here. We have updated all the hardware, made sure the motors are spinning in the correct direction, charged the battery fully, and it still won’t even get off the ground. We are in Fort Worth ISD and I have been talking with the other coaches in our district and they are having the same problem. This shouldn’t be this hard to even get it to fly. We are scheduled for next Saturday in Arlington, unless a minor miracle occurs we are not going to be able to compete. (Understand that I am not complaining, but there are other competitions that we are doing and don’t have the time to only focus fully on this competition, if we have to use only the parts you send to us, please make sure that they work properly before sending them out)

If the motors are spinning, but the drone isn’t taking off, the problem seems to be an esc calibration error.

It sounds like your propellers aren’t getting enough power. Make sure your battery is fully charged and your esc is calibrated.

The battery is fully charged. We updated the hardware yesterday with the latest update (11/2). Still not working.

How would I calibrate the ESC?

This video will walk you through it: Power | Bell AVR Documentation

We have gone through this and it still won’t take off.

New firmware, calibrated, battery fully charged.

Have you checked that the propellers are mounted on the right motors? If they’re on backwards, then it’ll create downward thrust and not take off.

all motors have upward thrust but just not enough.

Should the RX be this low?

RX appeared low for me as well. Did you try moving the left joystick upwards?

Your RX signal appears to be fine. Is there any chance you can post a 30s off trying to take off? How much throttle are you applying? It needs to be over 50% to get in the air. You may be doing all of this, but it’s hard to tell without seeing a video. Thanks and we will work to get you in the air.

I sent you a private message with my cel number. I cannot post the video here for some reason. If you text me or call I could send you a video via message.


This is very helpful. Let me review and get back to you in an hour or two.

:+1: awesome, thanks!!!

From the video, it looks like you have the correct propellers on the correct motors, but it looks like they are not all spinning correctly (hard to see for sure, so I could be wrong). Make sure each propeller is spinning per the diagram, if one is not, swap any two of the three wires going to the motor to reverse its direction. The rotors with the silver tip should spin counterclockwise, the other two should spin clockwise.


No sir, they are exactly that way. As you can see here:

It’s really hard to tell but I’d like you to double-check motor 3 (front left). I recorded your video from my phone and then slowed it down. It appears that it’s rotating CCW when it should be rotating CW. Can you double check that for us? Video here: