Rotors not spinning fast enough for takeoff

Our drone is not gaining enough speed to get itself off the ground. All four rotors spin and are spinning the correct direction, but the drone will not takeoff. Is there any way to fix this?

Do the motors spin up and then almost sound like they slow down? Any chance you can post a video for us to observe?

I’ve encountered this issue after trying to take off with an insufficiently charged battery. I would ensure your battery is fully charged and that you periodically check the voltage; even if you have a fully charged battery before beginning your first flight, the drone draws a large amount of power and could drain the battery with only one flight and render it unable to take off again.

Ok, so I believe I have narrowed down the problem. It seems to be that rotors two and four are somehow connected to one another. In the motor test section of QGC, both motors tow and three turn on and rotate just fine, but slider 1 activates both motors 1 and four, and the same with slider 4. I have tested the esc wiring and switched around connections, and nothing fixes it, so I am at a loss as to where I should go now.

We have updated all the hardware, charged the battery fully and it still won’t even get off the ground. We are in Fort Worth ISD and I have been talking with the other coaches in our district and they are having the same problem. This shouldn’t be this hard to even get it to fly. We are scheduled for next Saturday in Arlington, unless a minor miracle occurs we are not going to be able to compete. (Understand that I am not complaining, but there are other competitions that we are doing and don’t have the time to focus fully on this competition, if we have to use only the parts you send to us, please make sure that they work properly before sending them out)

Is there any chance you can take a quick 30s video of you trying to take off? That would provide us tremendous insight. Also, if you could take a quick clip of arming the motors with the camera up close we can check your propeller directions. We want to help get you in the air asap. Thanks.

I am trying to upload the video but it the file is too big. How would I upload a mp4 file?

The motors are turning correctly (towards the middle, looking at it from the top: TL - CW, TR - CCW, BR - CW, BL - CCW)

That’s definitely a problem that I’m trying to wrap my head around. Can you double-check what airframe you have selected in QGC?

My airframe is S500 generic, quadcopter

Ideally you could upload to YouTube, Dropbox, or Google Drive and post a link.

I cannot find what the issue would be aside from a faulty base component.

REC is sernding us a new ESC, should be arriving today.

I really would like some help. My drone’s propellors are still connected and I’ve tested all the wire leads and still nothing. I really think it could be a faulty part and would like a second opinion.

We’ve been requesting teams post videos as it helps short-circuit the troubleshooting process. Can you take a quick clip while standing close to the drone of arming so we can see the motor rotation? Then another clip of standing away while throttling up to 50%? Does it even act like it’s going to get off the ground or does it ultimately sound like the motors slow down?

I will take a video and post it as soon as I can.

These are the videos showing my problem. Both rotors 1 and 4 start if you activate only one of them, and the drone is not getting off the ground.

Can you send me an email and perhaps we can get on a video call? This is really strange and I’d like to chat through it. db at droneblocks dot io