Flight Test Update

This is an update from our last flight test, we re-soldered some connections. Our initial problem was that motors weren’t spinning fast enough to take off, and now they will spin faster but don’t respond to the throttle correctly. If this is still an ESC issue, we will make sure to request a new one.

I have a slow-mo video if that helps.

Thanks for the video. It’s really hard to tell prop rotations due to the slow motion effect. Is there a way you can post a video of you arming and disarming a few times so we can see motor rotation. Not slow motion but regular speed. The fact that it’s trying to get off the ground is encouraging. It looks as though you have more output on your right side vs your left. Have you gone through the ESC calibration steps? Let us know and if we ultimately end up with a possible ESC issue then you can request one today or tomorrow.