Propellers spins but it won’t spin fast enough

The video was very helpful to determine prop rotation. What happens when you throttle up to 50%? Do you hear it start to spin up and then it sounds like it loses power?

It stays at that speed when we throttle all the way up and after it starts to slow down. When we have the propellers off it spins fast at 50%

@Harsab what school are you with and what are your competition dates? I’m trying to find out if we can an ESC shipped to you asap as I’m led to believe that’s what the problem is.

We are mineral wells high school and we have the competition on Saturday.

I found a new esc and have replaced it. It spins fine but we have found one of our motors is faulty. How would we get a new one because we decided to go this Saturday

If you unplug the three cables to that motor and plug it into another motor’s ESC cables it still doesn’t spin? Given the time crunch I want to make sure that we’ve tried everything as we will lose a couple of days requesting a new motor. If you run my proposed test and it still doesn’t spin please send an email requesting a new one to:

Please be very specific about which motor type (CW or CCW) that you need replaced. I’d hate to have REC ship you a new motor and it be the wrong one.