Continuity Testing

Hello all, our team encountered an issue today. After soldering the cables onto the PDB, we ran the continuity tests that the documentation said to run, and we were only able to get the beeping to occur when we connected positive to positive and negative to negative. When we switched the probes around, we read some resistance but nothing else. I’ve attached a video of what our readings were. Continuity Test - YouTube
Please let me know if you need any more info to help us out! None of us are very electrically gifted :slight_smile:

@Ryan_Mathews_1000A this continuity test looks great to me! The beeping means you have continuity in the positive (red) path and then the negative (black) path for current to flow. The intent of this test is we want to make sure that there was no bridging when soldering the PDB. So when you switched the probes around and there was no beeping it means the black and red paths are not crossed. This could lead to a short circuit and potentially a fire. Hope this makes sense. Nice work to you and your team.

Thank you! The picture included in the documentation was a little confusing. It looks like the documentation was trying to make sure there was no continuity between the positive and negative terminals, and I just missed that.