Checking with y'all about LED Status bar

Regarding the LED status bar issue, we’ve thoroughly checked the wiring, and it appears that the status bar is not functioning correctly. We even tried a new one from Amazon, but it didn’t work either. We performed a direct VDC test with a 5V power supply, Ground, and set DIN to 5V, but only two lights illuminated from the left.

Question: Are the wiring connections as specified in the AVR assembly website correct? It mentions connecting DIN on the bar to pin 19, which is labeled as D10 (next to GND) on the GPIO bar. Can someone confirm if these connections are accurate?
I have pictures available if needed for reference

So, only two lights of your status bar are lighting up?

Ours is working, I’d be happy to upload some wiring pictures for reference tomorrow after school.

When I connected the LED bar to the VMC, it didn’t display any lights at all. However, during a direct hard-wiring test using an external 5V power supply and connecting it directly to the DIN (with VDC and ground properly connected), I observed that only two lights on the left side lit up. I’m uncertain whether the LED bar itself is defective or if there might be a wiring problem within the VMC setup. Interestingly, we also ran the ./ command, and it returned all green with a ‘done’ status.

I will say, those LED status bars have caused nothing but problems. I don’t bother using one on my drone, as I find the terminal output sufficient enough. It’s certainly not required for flight.

I see.
I built our drone with one other guy on the team who ended up being last year’s pilot, and he’s the one who ran the wiring for the light bar. But last year ours seemed to be working just fine, would you like me to get some pictures of the wiring tomorrow?

Absolutely, we’re quite curious since this project is a first-time endeavor for us!

Is a status bar required to show an april tag scan, or can I show console output?

The status module does not show that, it’s only via MQTT message unless you write your own

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