AVR Drone drifting

Hello everyone

We’ve recently finished checkpoint 3 in the AVR drone assembly. However, our AVR drone drifts significantly. Unlike the tello, which stays rock solid in the same place in manual control, the AVR drone will drift 2ft+ per second without manual input.

We tried trimming the drone but every time we lift off the drone seems to drift in a different direction. Position control seems to be working pretty well however. We also tried recalibrating the level horizon as best we could, but to no avail.

We are unsure on how to continue. Any ideas?

-Check your CG (Center of Gravity). If you have awkward loads it could mess with it

-Check your practice area for drafts. If you are outside, expect a lot of wind. Indoors, you may not feel it, but the AVR is very susceptible to drafts from ventilation, etc

-Try recalibrating the gyro in QGroundControl (that funny process that requires you to turn the drone all sorts of ways

-Check on your controller that the channels are centered on zero and that it’s set to auto center the right stick

-A note about flight modes- it is normally very difficult to fly in full manual mode. We only have manual and altitude hold at the moment, and it is significantly easier to fly in altitude hold

As always, video would really help! Specifically, a synced video of the pilot’s control movements and the drone.

quick question is there anyway to calibrate or tell the drone about the CG?

Only the Flight Controller recalibration process can really help with that. It should theoretically compensate for off center loads, but if that doesn’t work try recalibratng the FC.

Check here for more info: Sensors | Bell AVR Documentation (bellflight.github.io)

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