Trimming AVR Drone

How is the AVR Drone trimmed? Please send a tutorial or detailed guide if possible.

As far as we’ve been able to determine, there is no trimming. There is calibration in Qground control and telemetry data recieved by the FC when the software is running. Even still, weve calibrated and shiw good telemetry data and have not received good position control flight. We have altitude flight and the manually have to provide constant input to the roll and pitch axis. I’m only assuming your having similar issues if your asking about trimming. We’ve been wondering the same thing.

I’m assuming that by trimming you’re referencing trims on the RC transmitter. If that’s the case, I would highly advise against doing that as a proper calibration and tune is the correct path forward. Aside from the QGC calibration documentation I would also double check your center of gravity both on the pitch and roll axes. This can cause the drone to drift significantly when Altitude mode.

You should always expect some level of drift in Altitude mode, but you should not have to provide lots of input to keep it in position. If you do then something is definitely off.

@JNeaves I’m curious what you mean by “have not received good position control flight”. Are you able to switch to position mode at all? If so, does it become unstable? Any details or videos would be helpful.

At the time we posted we had not accomplished position hold flight. We could not get telemetry to show up in GUI or connect to Q Ground Control. We’ve since been able to get that fixed and we can switch between all three modes now. When we switch to altitude mode it will hold altitude fairly well and we provide input on the roll and pitch axis. When we switch to position mode the drone is very stable and requires very minimal input to keep it in position.