AVR autonomous NED drift

Hello, I am working on autonomous movement for the AVR and have noticed that our drone has significant drift in its NED position; to the point where it said it was .7 meters of the ground while on the pad. Is there a fault part in out drone or is this normal?


from my teams experience the NED position drifts very rapidly.


Is there any update on this? I’m getting similar issues after a few minutes of position hold flight even after recalibrating the zed and gyro

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Small update: recalibrations make it significantly bettet

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Which calibration steps did you do? Just the gyroscope?

I’m so glad that I could help make your stabilized flight bettet, but we’re also having a similar issue and I think there’s a calibration step we’re missing.

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We did the whole calibration setup, as in doing all (4?) of the calibration ones present in Q Ground control. There still is a significant NED Drift, but it got a lot better

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Noted! As long as you stayed within the calibration section of qgc, we’re in the same spot.

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