Flight Controls not Working Properly

Just recently has our team gotten the Position and Altitude settings working on our controller and it does show up on QGC that those settings in the controller are registered however whenever we do use either of those settings the drone just drifts upward and in order to get it to stop we have to go back to manual mode. Is there any reason that this could be happening?

There could be a number of things that are happening.

I think the first thing to look at, would be to have QGroundControl open during the test flight, and see if the swap to position flight mode is really happening. If something has gone wrong, PX4 can reject position flight mode and stay in altitude mode.

If that’s not the case, the Zed mini could be having trouble tracking. Much like the Tello, if the surface you’re flying over has very little texture or differences (like a gym floor), it can be challenging for the Zed mini to tell how it’s moving around. You could try taping AprilTags to the floor, or putting other stuff on the floor that gives it some texture.

It would be helpful if you use the MQTT logger in the AVR GUI to record an MQTT log during a flight, and share that file. This has lots of good information about where the drone thinks it is and what is happening.