Possible hardware GPS problem

Hey there,

I’m trying to control my AVR drone using QGroundControl, but it keeps saying “No GPS Lock For Vehicle,” and on the VMC python script, it keeps throwing this error: fusion_1 | 2023-11-08 21:09:55.264 | DEBUG | __main__:assemble_hil_gps_message:210 - Waiting for avr/fusion/geo to be populated

I’m really not sure where to go from here because it seems like the software is working properly, but something is wrong with the hardware itself. I haven’t tried updating the firmware on the PX4 because I’m worried doing so would mess something else up and create far more problems.

Any ideas?



“Waiting for avr/fusion/geo to be populated” is a common error when the ZED Mini Camera is not on/isn’t working properly. Check for blue light on cable side of the ZED Mini when you’re booting up start.py.

^^ If this is the case then check your cable connection, and check if said USB-C cable is the official ZED data transfer cable.