Motor output calibration

Hello, our team is having some challenges getting the motor outputs balanced. When attempting to take off the rear motor are moving faster than the front causing the drone to tip forward/flip. The team updated firmware in the pixhawk and ESC, and also ran through calibration of the compass/gyro. We tried switching motors and the problem persisted. Any suggestions? Is anyone aware if there is a function to manually adjust the motor outputs to compensate for the extra lift in the rear motors? Thanks for any advice!

Hey there Aceleski, if possible, could you provide a video of this happening? Also, I recommend to check if the motors are in the correct position as well as rotating in the right directions.

px4_motor_order (1)

What Phantom_BELL said ^^

We initially had an unflyable drone and many confusing motor direction problems. We ended up just needing to switch the positions on two of the motor arms.