Drone Motors not accelerating properly

One of our teams is having a problem with the drone motors. We arm the drone, we move the left joystick up and the motors just stay at the same speed.

When we take the propellers off, and we put the left joystick all the way up, they accelerate slightly and sound like they then decelerate.

Any ideas what it could be from? We are wondering if they actually swapped out their ESC, but not sure what the bad firmware actually did.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

This is very similar behavior that we saw with the incorrect ESC firmware. It is possible you are using a prior motor.

@droneblocks Is there any testing you can think of or should they request a new ESC

This definitely sounds like the ESC behavior that @lancer and I experienced during previous testing when we had the old settings. I think it needs to be reprogrammed. I would recommend requesting a new ESC.

Got it! Thank you both so much for the response.