New ESC not functioning correctly

We have finished building the base drone assembly, we have worked through the calibration section for qground control and started the bench testing process. 1 of our motors the motors will not spin. We changed wires to test if was the motor or the ESC. When we changed wires the motor did in fact work, so our esc is not functioning properly. We have double checked all of the connections we do not see any issues with soldering connections on the ESC.
Is there any further troubleshooting ideas or do we need to request another ESC?

That’s good that you ruled out the motor but there really could be a few other things wrong between the output of the PWM pins on the FCCs breakout board and the output of the ESC itself.

The chain looks something like this:
FCC → Breakout → ESC input → ESC Motor Output → Motor

Based on your post, you have tested the full chain for the other 3 channels on the ESC and have made sure the motor is good but there still could be an issue with your wire between the breakout board and the esc input. Can you double check with a multi-meter that you have continuity between both ends of the wire for the channel that’s not working?

If that checks out, I think you’ll need to request a new ESC.

@droneblocks, any other troubleshooting tips you might have?

I did a continuity check on the esc and the wires going to the motors, and everything checked out just fine. So it looks like we need another ESC.
Is there a link, email, or form I fill out for the request for the ESC or do I just complete another inventory form?

Please contact to request replacements.