Tello Stabilizing


My team has had some issues with getting the tello to fly in a straight line. No matter which sensors we use to correct it, it varies by about ± 20% of the distance travelled, which is more than enough to overshoot the paratrooper drop location.

What sort of tuning options are available to make the tello more stable, or code to utilize the sensors better?

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Can your Tello carry the paratrooper without freaking out?

Yes, but only in manual flight

What is the weight of the payload? I’m curious as we’ve run many tests up to 50 grams. Anything over that is a real challenge…especially for autonomous flight.

I’ll check tomorrow. It’s hard to tell whether the payload is the issue or not, because we have similar stability problems without the payload.

I feel like there’s some sort of tuning step we’re missing. Is there anything that needs to happen to the tello before flight, or can we just boot up droneblocks and go for it?

You may consider a IMU calibration directly in the Tello app. Go to settings > more > calibrate imu and follow the steps. Let me know if that doesn’t help. The other thing to consider is your flying environment. A video of the flight behavior and your environment would help us further troubleshoot.

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Thank you!

I’ll let you know how it goes once I’m back at school, and if it doesn’t work I’ll send a video.