What do these stand for in Gui?


This snip is from the assembly guide, but most of them are red on ours.

Hello Kendrakay2000,

The reason for the square box is to give you an indictor of what modules are turned on. Green means that it’s functioning and red means that it’s not receiving data. We had the same issue when building the drone, the way we fixed this is that we ran setup.py again. After that we got all the lights to be green.

I hope this help you out!

Pretty sure FCM is Flight Control Module, AT is AprilTags, not sure on the other two.

This info is from the Architecture portion of the build guide.

“Flight Control module (FCM) is responsible for communicating with the FCC over MAVLink. This module takes telemetry data from the FCC and publishes it over MQTT. Additionally, it takes fake GPS data from the Fusion module and feeds it to the FCC.
The Visual Inertial Orientation (VIO) module is responsible for capturing data from the stereoscopic tracking camera, and converting it into global-ish coordinates.
The AprilTag (AT) module is responsible for using the images pulled from the CSI camera to scan for visible AprilTags.
The Fusion module is responsible for fusing multiple data sources to produce the final fake GPS data that is fed to the FCC.”