Troubleshooting Zed M Camera: Dealing with Screen Tearing and Potential Hardware Issues

After spending several hours troubleshooting the Zed M camera, we managed to get it to work briefly. However, we encountered screen tearing issues when attempting to use the camera. Despite being connected to a powerful gaming rig, the problem persisted even after multiple attempts of unplugging and reconnecting the camera. After 20 minutes of unsuccessful attempts, the camera ceased to show any signs of life, not even lighting up when plugged in. We also reinstalled all related Zed Camera software without success. We also as a last attempt tried to use another USB C capable of data transfer with no luck. At this point, it seems likely that the issue is hardware-related rather than a software problem. Is it right to assume so?

I’m assuming you’ve seen the threads regarding the cable being plugged with the proper orientation? Also, try this on your Nano with the Mini plugged in:

lsusb -v

Do you see anything about it listed?