Strange issue with AVR Jetson code

Hi there, recently while testing our sandbox code for the jetson, we ran into a strange issue.

After building sandbox like normal, we used the run all command, but instead of running the modules like it normally does, it appeared to be building each of them individually.

It took significantly longer and threw out several error messages along the way, but eventually built, and ran like normal afterwords. Out of curiosity, I went ahead and ran the script.

It almost seemed to me like the program had forgotten where the docker containers were stored, so it ran through rebuilding them, I have attached the SSH messages below, but given the significant amount of removed docker containers when running the script, along with it saying it reclaimed space (which I have not seen before) I assume that it just went through and rebuilt all the containers.

For further clarification, the jetson is completely fine and the issue is resolved, however I wanted to post this for future debugging.

As I cannot directly upload the .txt files, I have attached a google drive link to them.