Jetson login error during gitpull

Hello, I’ve been having trouble setting up the jetson on our AVR drone due to an error when I update the software. I get to where it starts writing the AVR software then it says error from Daemon and to log in

@Popp it looks like you’re using one of our repos that hasn’t been fully tested and isn’t supported yet. It makes reference to a container that doesn’t exist and that’s why you’re seeing the error. You should be working from this repository:

Please keep us posted and let us know if you run into any further issues. Thanks.

Thank you I’ll keep you updated once I can test it

So once I’m able to test this on the drone will I continue to set it up through the instructions??

The script set up but once I set up the wifi and opened the vmc directory and tried to run it it says no such file or directory, the command I’m using is ./ run
Do you have any ideas on what I should use instead or do to fix it??

Move up one directory and you’ll find the script. It’s in the VMC directory and not the VMC/scripts directory as you can see here:

Thank you!!! I completely missed that!! We got it to work thanks for all the help

You’re welcome and no problem. Glad you got it sorted out.