Having issues with sandbox code

We recently starting programming the sandbox, and in order to get a start, we build a rough code. After uploading to our GitHub, then syncing to the drone, it appears to still be running the demo code. Any suggestions as to why? We used VS code to inspect code on the jetson - is the new code.

Did you change the origin URL on the Jetson as outlined here? GitHub | Bell AVR Documentation

Yes I did, we also logged into the VMC through VS code and verified the changes

ok, appears to be a user error on our behalf, failed to realize that we had to manually rebuild after each time, made the assumption that the ./setup.py script auto built it, my apologies. Thank you for the help though!

Future note if anyone is having this issue, make sure that you run every command here otherwise it wont work correctly.

Yeah, this can tip people up. I think I made the setup.py script not build the sandbox container because not every team has it.

The start.py script also does not attempt to rebuild containers when you select “run”. Otherwise things could potentially fail if there was not an internet connection. You will need to explicitly run build after each change.

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