Sandbox Typing Module Errors

Hey guys! Our team is in the middle of coding automation for the main drone and we ran into an error on the sandbox module. When ram it spits out an error about the typing module and then won’t run. It does this over and over, about every 15-20 seconds. We tried removing the line in the sandbox code but it still does the same thing. She attached pic for the error.

Could you paste the contents of your file? You can use 3 backticks on a line before and after to format it as code. I built and ran the sandbox module from GitHub and I had no issues, so I think you’ve changed something that’s causing that.

As I saw this pull request come up and did some digging, it looks like this commit caused your problem on line 5: This should in theory do servo when it sees april · BHS-drone-team/AVR-2022@a8e3f72 · GitHub

Though you were then able to fix it here: commented out typing_extensions · BHS-drone-team/AVR-2022@78c0e4d · GitHub

Let me know if you have any more issues, but it looks like you resolved it yourself.

Yep, thanks! (20char)