Avr/autonomous/enable problems

When coding in sandbox we encountered a problem today. We are trying to use the avr/autonomous/enable topic but it won’t activate the function we have tied to it. Using a logger, we figured out some stuff about it. The function activated when we use avr/apriltags/visible and showed it an April tag. Also it worked when we used avr/fcm/velocity. We also tried manually sending the enable message in the part of the GUI and it did not work. We also tried different wifi networks, reinstalling the GUI, and using the avr/autonomous/building/drop. Any suggestions?

Could you post your autonomous code? It’s going to be pretty hard to help without it. If you don’t want to share it publicly for all teams, you can send it to me privately through a message and I can have a look.

Don’t worry we fixed it eventually. Turns out it didn’t like multiple self.topic_map.