Replacement parts

Who do we contact for replacement parts. Two of our drone motors are not spinning as fast as the others which tips the drone over whenever we do a test flight, and we concluded its the motors by switching wiring and position of them.

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Please contact to request replacements.

One thing to make sure is that you’ve conducted an ESC calibration within QGroundControl before requesting parts and see if it helps.

We tried the ESC calibration but that did not solve the problem. We also tried switching the motors placement on the drone too see if the ESC was the problem by keeping the wires coming from the ESC in their correct spot (1 = front right, and 2 back left) while moving the motors (swapping motors 1 and 2) but the drone would always flip over towards whatever side the bad motors are on when we try to fly. We did this for motors 3 and 4 and the same thing happens.

Check the pitch of your propeller, we found one that should have been painted silver, but was not so it was the wrong pitch direction for the motor it was installed on