Limitations on additional electronics


We had some questions about limitations on additional electronics, specifically about 8.2.1 and 8.3.4.

  1. Are we allowed to have a second FPV camera? I’m confused on this because although 8.2.1 says that we can use any commercially available sensor or servo, 8.2.1 also states that we can only use electronic control system components provided in the kit.

  2. Do we have to use the FPV display, or can we use commercially available FPV goggles?

  3. Can we use a different remote control than the one provided in the kit? The one our pilot is using right now is a flysky compatible remote made by Jumper, functionally identical to the one provided in the kit.

For an official response, put this in the Q&A section.

Unofficial answers:

I think we let a team put a GoPro on their drone last year, but I don’t think we’d like additional FPV cameras running around, to avoid any interference issues with the ongoing matches. If it’s over WiFi like a GoPro, that’s probably fine, but anything radio like the one in the kit is almost certainly a no-go.

I don’t see why you couldn’t use a different R/C controller, but again, I don’t know for sure, this is unofficial.