Issue running

We have an error trying to run We re-flashed the micro SD card in order to get a fresh start because we could not get our drone to fly in position flight mode and did not see any issues with hardware so we decided to make sure software is at least functional. After cloning the repository and running ./, we get these errors.

Hello RyanG,
Thank you for reaching out. Could you please provide us with a screenshot of the error message you are encountering?

Also, can you check the Flight Modes inside QGroundControl to see if you assigned any channels to Position flight mode?

This message is what pops up when trying to switch to Position Flight Mode. We do not know if this issue occurs because of a problem with the ZED Camera, if we cloned the git repo incorrectly, or if we setup Pyrhon incorrectly.

This is our error message after running ‘’. There was also an error regarding ‘docker’, we had not taken a photo but we searched up the error which was “subprocess.CalledProcessError: Command ‘[‘apt-get’, ‘update’]’ returned non-zero exit status 100.”

Could not resolve host

is definitely an internet connection issue. Does your Jetson have a network connection? To test, run


Position hold will not work until the script has run to completion at least once. After that, you will need to run all the software, with at least the flight control module, fusion module, mqtt module, and vio module all working.