VS code commit issues

Our team is getting to the autonomous section and I attempted to do a test defined in “Autonomy and Beyond” in the “Using Git” part, however, when I tried to commit the newly added .txt file VS code gives me the following error:

When I open the git log it tells me the following (in reply because I can only do one media link):

I did set up the global user and email and confirm using the “git config --global user.email” and “git config --global user.name” that the user and email were what I set it to be. So I’m not sure why VS code doesn’t know who the user. Any help is appreciated, thanks.

Second media link showing git log: image

Are you using VS Code over SSH? If so, you’ll also need to configure your git name and email on the Jetson as well. Really, all this message is saying is that VS Code doesn’t think you’ve set up your git name and email address, and you can just set it up again.

Be sure to add the --global flag, otherwise the name and email are only configured for a single repository and not system-wide.