Updating VMC Software

I am on the step where I update the VMC software. Every time I try to type a command on terminal, it says “command not found”. I have tried on both MacOS and Windows, having the same issue. What are some possible fixes for my issue? I considered re-flashing the SD.

What user are you logged in as? Also, did you perhaps update your path environment variable? That could possibly lead to the behavior you’re describing if you may have improperly updated it. See this post and maybe it will help:

How do I login as a user in the terminal? I see on the instructions where it says “you will need to login”, but am unclear on how to login.

You’ll need to use SSH:


If you’re connected to the VMC over wifi then the IP of your drone will likely be

Now that I go to log in, the Jetson isn’t showing up on any serial ports. I have tried multiple cables and different computers. Is there any solution you can think of?