Tello Drone Navigation

We have been using DroneBlocks to program the autonomous flight of the Tello drone. Using the “fly to x = _ , y = _ , z = _” we have not been able to get the drone to move in a negative coordinate direction. If negative coordinates are entered, it simply won’t continue running the code. Additionally, it seems as though the axis directions may be flipped.

Replying for added visibility. I’d also add that my team is seeing the same issue with the Fly to XYZ of Mission Pad A blocks as well. The Fly to XYZ blocks actually seemed to work correctly in the chrome extension.

We’ll test this first thing in the morning and report back. So that we can try to reproduce the issue identically to what you’re seeing can you share if you’re running DroneBlocks on Mac or Windows? Also, regarding your comment about the axis directions this is something that has led to confusion for many of our users. Hopefully the following video gives an overview of how the right hand rule is applied to Tello flight:


@Jonah you did discover a bug regarding negative values in the XYZ block. I just tested the Windows version and noticed the same thing. It turns out to be an issue with the way DroneBlocks parses negative values in the XYZ blocks. Here is a Windows fix:

We’ll test Mac tomorrow and publish an update as well.

For any teams experiencing this issue a simple workaround is to use a combination of fly forward/backward, up/down, left/right blocks. It may be more verbose but achieves the same thing as the XYZ block.