Cannot connect to DroneBlocks

When we connect the Tello to the wifi of the desktop we are using, we can connect it just fine. But when we try to connect the Tello to DroneBlocks Desktop Beta, we do not get any battery % reading or any of the other drone sensors. We tried running a simple code to tell it to fly up, forward, and land, and it worked. But when we try to add mission pads, the drone just takes off and lands at the same place a few seconds later.

Hi @Mathieu, would be so kind as to share a screenshot of your mission? That would help us troubleshoot. Also, we did release a new beta today that will allow you to save missions and retrieve them. You can learn more about it here:

Happy to assist with the mission pad detection so keep us posted.

We fixed it. It turns out that java was not installed on the laptop, so when we booted drone blocks it gave us an error. Another question if possible: We noticed that the tello has a tough time sensing the mission pads unless it is pretty close to it (around 20 in). Is that a limitation of the tello or drone blocks that we have to work around?

Thanks for the heads up. It’s interesting you had to install Java as DroneBlocks is a self-contained installer. But let’s leave that for later.

On to the mission pads. You can see the normal detection range here:

20" seems much too low. Lighting is generally a factor when it comes to detection so make sure you’re in a well lit area. A simple test you can run is connect to Tello from DroneBlocks and hold it over the mission pad. You should see the telemetry status report the Mission ID (far right of the black bar). In my case below I’m holding the Tello over mission pad #8 about 5’ above the pad. That’s about the extent of the vertical range you can expect to get.

Let me know if you continue to have problems and we can further diagnose.

Thanks! We’ll try this on Monday and get back to you.

Edit: I see that the tello says that it might not pick up the pad on a solid white surface. We had it on that so that might have been the problem.

Good catch. That could certainly be a problem. Let us know how your testing goes.