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Can we use python for the tello drone or do we have to use droneblocks? There are some errors that are popping up at random with no fix to them. Like the drone will randomly skip commands and run some commands out of order. For example, if we have a move forward command and then a yaw right 90 command, the drone will skip the move forward block and go straight to the yaw 90 command. Also the mission pad detection is faulty, as the console shows a number that is not the number of the mission pad the drone is flying above. We tried running our code on both 0.1.5 and 0.1.6 beta versions, but it does not work. We would really appreciate a speedy response.

Thank you.

I would like an answer to this ASAP as well.

We are coding our Tello via Python and don’t intend to use the Dronblocks app or manual control in any way shape or form.

Our Tello operator will merely run the program, choose which path we are flying, hit enter and let the Tello fly iteself autonomously from there.

I presume this will make it exceedingly easy for the judge to note that the drone is not under manual control.

When we attended the Austin Competition they said we were not allowed to use python even thought they are aware of the issues in the current version of Drone Blocks. Hopefully an update comes soon to improve it.

I’ve talked to the rules team and we’ve agreed to allow Python, but only the DJITelloPy library. Since we are most familiar with it we will be able to help troubleshoot:

Let me also mention that Tello performance can be intermittent due to environmental conditions (lighting, reflective surfaces, light wind from fans/air conditioning). For those using DroneBlocks or DJITelloPy it may make sense to add a small delay between commands. In DroneBlocks we have a hover X seconds block and in Python you could implement a sleep timer. Sometimes Tello needs to “settle” after executing a command and a delay can lead to improved success.



Our program has a blocking call that waits for the “ok” from the Tello before sending the next command.

We’re using the Tello SDK 2.0. Basically just opening a TCP socket and sending the commands via that socket.

The only troubleshooting we may need is just diagnosing wifi issues if there are any. :slight_smile:

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One tip I have for you and other teams is to rename your Tello wifi. This past weekend we saw issues where teams accidentally connected to the wrong drone. That could lead to potential problems when trying to do autonomy with Tello.

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