Controlling the Tello

Does our team have to use the new version of droneblocks: or can we use something else like this python library we found?


Hi Arya,

Let me talk to the competition team about the requirements. If Python is allowed we do have a full course on using Python with mission pads:

We have a pip package built off DJITelloPy:

Access to the DroneBlocks curriculum is free for anytime enrolled in AVR. The only challenge I see is that mission pad detection can be a bit finicky and there may be instances where you need to take manual control of Tello to recover or start the mission over. But let me chat with the rules team and get their thoughts.

Also, I’m curious why the DroneBlocks app doesn’t suit your needs? Are you primarily a Python programmer and don’t want to mess with blocks? Any feedback would be very helpful for our development team.



I had the same question. I’m primarily a text-based programmer and have had a not-so-good experience with blocks-based programming software as they tend to get very very laggy as the program increases in size, and it gets difficult to navigate and debug. Could you please let us know if it is allowed to use the above-listed library? If yes, how would the scoring for autonomy work? How would we be required to show that the tello detected the mission pad?

Please let us know as soon as possible.


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Did you get a reply from the rules team

No. I dropped the concern because with the newer version of droneblocks the issues seemed to have subsided some.